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Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse
Come to Rubjerg Knude and experience one of the most fantastic natural and cultural areas in Denmark.

Rubjerg Knude offers enchanting migrating dunes, sand covered ruins, steep slopes, wind-blown nature and, of course the exhibit in the old Wreck Master’s Farm, that tells the history of this very special place.

We recommend that you combine the visit to the Wreck Master’s Farm with a walk around the surrounding country.  You can, for example, go down the path from the Wreck Master’s Farm to the ruin of Rubjerg Gl. Kirke (the old Rubjerg Church), or from the parking area by Rubjerg Dune Plantation to Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse.

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The wreck master's house
Langelinie 2, Rubjerg
9480 Løkken
(2 km. south of the lighthouse)
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All day
Free admission
Vendsyssel Historiske Museum · tlf. 96 24 10 50 ·
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