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The wreck masters
In the period 1864 to 1922 the Rubjerg area's wreck master lived at this farm with the address Langelinie 2 -  Strandfogedgården (wreck master's farm).  There were four wreck masters in this period, all from the same family.  The four wreck masters were:

  • Jens Thomsen. Wreck Master in the period 1864-1890
  • Jens Villumsen Wreck Master in the period 1890-1933
  • Villum Villumsen Wreck Master in the period 1933-1963
  • Jens Egon Villumsen Wreck Master in the period 1963-1983
The farmhouse originally had a thatched roof. Here is seen thatch work on the farmhouse.
A wreck master’s work consisted of overseeing salvaging in the event of a shipwreck.  When a ship ran aground, the wreck master was among those employed to help.

If there was wreckage on the beach, the wreck master was to collect it and bring it to safety, for example at his farm.  He was to keep a daily log of things that washed ashore from the sea.  He was also to write a report when a ship was wrecked.

If the owner turned up, the recovered articles were to be returned.  If the captain and all seamen onboard a wrecked ship were drowned, there was nobody who could claim the cargo.  In such a case the value of the cargo onboard was the property of the king.  It was forbidden to take things up that were washed ashore.  If one did so anyway, one could be punished and imprisoned.
Jens Villumsen, wreck master in 1933.
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