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The farm of Jens Thomsen
The farm with the address Langelinie 2 in Rubjerg is called Strandfogedgården (wreck master's farm), or Jens Thomsen's farm.  The Wreck Master's Farm because the area's wreck master lived here from the 1860's until 1992.  It is called Jens Thomsen's farm after its former owner, Jens Thomsen, who overtook the farm from his father in 1838 and lived there until 1896.

There have been buildings on the ground since 1724.  Originally the ground was laid out as the parish clerk's residence, and the parish clerk lived here until 1814.   At that time the clerk's position was abolished, when a new school law was adopted; and a new school was built in the village.  The ground was therefore traded for a ground in the village, where the school was to be.

It was Thomas Pedersen, the father of Jens Thomsen, who overtook the farm.  The farm has since passed from generation to generation, and the present owner of the farm is the great-great grandson of Jens Thomsen.

Jens Thomsen overtook the farm in 1838 from his father, and later acquired the position of wreck master.  Jens Thomsen's parents remained on the farm as pensioners, as did Jens Thomsen; when his son-in-law overtook the operation in 1885.
Jens Thomsen's farm.
From farm to exhibit
In 2000 Vendsyssel Historical Museum leased the buildings to use them to tell about living conditions in the four coastal parishes covered by Lønstrup Cliff and about the unique conditions of nature found here.

In 2007 the first stage of the permanent exhibit on the cultural and natural history of Rubjerg Knude.  The exhibit is under constant development.
Wreck Master's Farm today, Darren Jensen from Vendsyssel Historical Museum tries out the handicap path in 2006, which goes from the Wreck Master's Farm to Rubjerg Old Churchyard.
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