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From farm to exhibit
In 2000 Vendsyssel Historical Museum and the owner of the Wreck Master's Farm entered into an agreement that the museum could lease the Wreck Master's Farm for a 20 year period for the purpose of using the location as an exhibit site.
The Wreck Master's Farm today contains exhibits on Rubjerg Knude's cultural and natural history.
The historical exhibit
With the time machine in the exhibit one can, for example, travel back to the reindeer hunters of 13,000 years ago.
In the farm's former barn the history of the area is told, for example about Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, Rubjerg Church, the first Vendelboers and about the power of nature.  In the space there is placed a time machine, where visitors have the opportunity to travel back in time to see how major landscape changes the area around Rubjerg Knude has gone through the last 17000 years.
The geological exhibit
The farm's stable functions as the geological part of the exhibit.  Here, for example, can be found an Experimentarium, in which many experiences await the museum guest.  The Experimentarium was developed on the principle that knowledge is best learned through play.  The Experimentarium contains, for example, a machine that shows the principles behind coastal erosion and coastal preservation.  By setting the ocean current in motion one sees how the dune one has built is eaten away by the north-going ocean current.

More about the exhibit in the Wreck Master's Farm.
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