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Through time many ships have been wrecked in Jammerbugten, hence the name (bay of lamentations). Looking at the map of registered wrecks through the centuries along the Jutland coast, one sees a gracefully arched line between Skarreklit in the south to Hirtshals in the north, a jumble of  dots marking wrecked and broken ships. Full-rigged, steamers and fishing boats.
The mentioned 5 wrecks near Rubjerg Knude.
Gibraltar 1881
The ship Gibraltar was a sail/steamship of iron from Helsingborg. It was built in 1873. It was sailing from Sunderland to Stockholm with coal. With the loss all 8 seamen were rescued. The ship lies 100 metres out, past the second breakwater south of Lønstrup.
Eschersheim S/S 1940
The ship Eschersheim S/S, was a steamer of steel from Bremen that was lost the 13. March 1940.  The ship was built in 1913 and was 3303 Br. Reg. T. large.
With the loss, 5 drowned; and 26 were rescued.  Eschersheim sailed with coke at the time of the wreck, when it sailed into an underwater obstacle.
Wrecks near Rubjerg Knude from 1858 to 1882.
Wrecks from 1852 to 1882.
The 4 surviving seamen from Belgrove. The machine master is no. 2 from the right.
Tombstone from Rubjerg Old Churchyard. Victims of the wreck of Anton of Kiel, 1895.
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