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The crew
Lighthouse Master Jensen photographed in 1943.
The lighthouse from the start was occupied by three men and their families.  There was a lighthouse master, a lighthouse assistant, and a lighthouse attendant.  The work was often laborious, not least of all the first year with gas power.

The watch room in the tower had to be manned every night, which was accomplished by working on shifts.  There had to be kept an eye on the gas flow; the lens apparatus’ clockwork had to be wound every three hours; and, if fog came in, the motors in the machine house had to be started and attended.  The fog signal’s clockwork had to be wounded, and there had to be kept an eye out for ships that could come into difficulties.
Assignments at the lighthouse
Both day and night was characterized by regular work functions for the lighthouse personnel.  For example there:
  • had to be manufactured gas.
  • inspect and attend the machines.
  • cover the lens apparatus with a piece of canvas so that the prisms would not function as burning glasses.
  • collect the birds that had flown into the lantern’s glass in the course of the night.  Once a year species and number had to be reported to the Zoological Museum inCopenhagen. This work continued until 1939.
  • whitewash and paint house and tower.
  • repair the shifting roofs after a storm.
  • remove sand from the courtyard.
Sand is dug away from the machine house. The people are, from the left, Herman Jensen, Jul Jensen and Jens Møller Jensen, all from Lønstrup, 1955.
Ground plan of the residences for the lighthouse master, lighthouse assistant, and lighthouse attendant, 1902. Drawing: Lighthouse Directorate’s Archive.
Lighthouse Master J. H. S. Deichmann and his family photographed in 1902 in the lighthouse master’s residence.
Deichmann was lighthouse master at the lighthouse in the period 1900-1906.
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