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Sand drift today
There is unceasingly blown new sand from the cliff  in over the land.  A great deal is stopped by the prevention of sand drift on the outermost dunes, but some is whirled high up in the air.  After very windy weather the sand floats down everywhere in the area.  One can even find sand on the cars in Hjørring and occasionally as far away as Frederikshavn.
Here is where the sand comes from.
Where does the sand go?
In 1994 the prevention of sand drift around the lighthouse was dropped.  Therefore the piled up sand is beginning to move toward the north-east.  At the same time the dune is flattening out.  In about 1990 the dune was over 90 m. high, but today it approaches 70 m.  In about 2003 the lighthouse was again free; the dune had moved by it on both sides.  It is now a migrating dune (just like Råbjerg Mile) and moves about 10 m per year out over the buckthorn thicket and the parking lot.
In 2005 faciner were again set up in front of the lighthouse.  It slows down the migrating dune, but the dune is beginning to grow again.
See video montage of the dune inspector’s work with setting up fences in the struggle against sand drift.
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The dune inspector cuts buckthorn to use as sand drift prevention.
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