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A lonely church
As early as 1600 all the area around Rubjerg Church was laid barren.  People had moved from the area because of the ravages of the sand.  Despite this the church continued for another 300 years to function as the parish church, and, Sunday after Sunday, the people fought their way to the church.
However in 1904 it was finished.  Rubjerg Church was moved, stone by stone, approximately two km. further inland, where the people had settled.
Making plans for the move
As early as 1897 there was appointed a consistory that was to work for the moving of the church, and especially Farmer Niels Peter Jørgensen was enthusiastic for the cause.  He wrote to the bishop in Aalborg, who also proved to be positive about the moving of Rubjerg Church.
Rubjerg New Church's interior approx. 1917-27. In the middle of the picture is seen the votive ship.
The old and the new church
The old church was torn down stone by stone and driven away by horse cart the two km. further inland, where the new church was to be located.  The blocks of stone were numbered, and, as far as it was possible, sat in the same place in the new walls; which, to a very great degree, were a copy of the old church.
Rubjerg Old Church, built approx. 1180.
Rubjerg New Church built in 1904 of stone blocks from the old church.
The votive ship in Rubjerg New Church.
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