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The graves
Rubjerg Old Church is today marked by a turf wall.
When the church was torn down in 1904 stone by stone used for the new church, the old churchyard and its graves were left.  The graves tell of the generations that, with great toil, fought against the harsh conditions offered by the poor parish.  In the churchyard there are found, for example, the graves of Jens Thomsen and Ane Villumsdatter.  Jens Thomsen was the first wreck master on the place and died in 1896.
The romanesque granite cross
Another interesting gravestone is a Romanesque granite cross, that is just as old as the church, in other words from approx. 1180. Who was buried under the stone is not known, but it was apparently an important person, perhaps the church's builder in the 1100's, or perhaps the church's first priest?
This rare memorial temporarily disappeared in the Spring of 1980. Nine years later it turned up, anonymously, at Vendsyssel Historical Museum. In the following years the stone stood in the museum's garden, but, in 2006, it was again sat in its (maybe) original place.
The granite cross and a piece of the west wall are what is left today in their original places of the medieval churchyard in Rubjerg.
Jens Thomsen, who functioned as the wreck master in the area in the period 1864-90, lies buried with his wife, And Villumsdatter, in the old churchyard.
In 1980 the rare, granite cross from the early Middle Ages was stolen from the churchyard. In 1989 the cross was returned to Vendsyssel Historical Museum, and, in 2006, it was again sat out in the churchyard; this time well bolted to a large and heavy granite plate.
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