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Austrian fir.
In 1927 Hjørring Municipality bought an approximately 177 acres of dune area south of Rubjerg Knude. The purpose was to begin the planting of a dune plantation as part of the efforts to relieve the high unemployment predominant at the time. The area was barren, wind-blown and completely without shelter of any kind.

The plantation therefore stands today in the eastern section, where there is relatively good shelter from the hard western wind, as a forest with great variety with tall spruces and pines. Closer to the coast the trees are lower and wind-blown. In the clearings there are found broom, sea buckthorn, Scotch rose, and juniper berry. In the middle of the forest there is a mound named Mulshøje. It is a burial mound from the bronze age. It is also believed to have been a thingstead.

The Environmental Ministry bought the plantation in 2002 in order to preserve it as an important recreational area for the future.
Try saving the village from the raging sand.
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