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Buckthorn berries.
Near Rubjerg, with wind, sea fog and sandy soil, there is found Denmark’s largest Buckthorn thicket. The buckthorn has grown here since the ice age and thus is native to the country. The name has many local names such as (translated) sand thorn, beach willow, sand buckthorn or cliff willow.
This drink is the national drink of Vendsyssel. Basically it is extracts from plants made in aquavit. There are three types, herbal bjesk, berry bjesk and spice bjesk. Some of the best bjesk is made from herbs that grow in the dune, they can be called dune bjesk. These are plants such as milfoil, goose grass, buckthorn and agrimony. At the Wreck Master’s Farm there is a small exhibit on bjesk. It can also be recommended that you visit Hirtshals Museum, where there is a large and extensive exhibit on bjesk.
Bjesk made of the berries of buckthorn.
There are found many interesting and rare mushrooms in the area. That is the consequence of the very special nutritional conditions provided by the sand drift from the cliff.
One of the most interesting mushrooms found in the area is the Judas-ear. Its consistency is gelatinous, but, when it is dried out, it becomes black and shrivelled. In damp weather it regains its original shape. According to legend Judas hanged himself in an elderberry tree, and the elderberry got the Judas-ear as a curse.
The buckthorn bush.
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