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A dangerous possition
Near Mårup Church the sea, through the last 300 years, has, on average, eaten away 1.25 metres per year. If the conditions have been the same since it was built in around 1250, it was, at that time, one kilometre to the sea.
Mårup Church close to the edge.
In 1928 a new church was built in Lønstrup, and locally the wish was to tear down Mårup Church and sell the lead roof.  However the National Museum wanted to preserve it as long as possible and took possession in 1952. In 1988 it was taken over by the Forest and Nature Agency, and in 2005 the preservation of the church was terminated, so that it would be possible to tear it down.
Today Mårup Church lies just 9 metres from the sea, and the contact group for Mårup Church, together with the Forest and Nature Agency, which owns the church, has worked out an action plan for the church’s future.
See the 3D animated flight around Mårup Church.
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Mårup Church is a late Romanesque Church constructed in approx. 1250. In 1808 the ship The Crescent sank out from Mårup’s coast. The anchor next to the church originates from the ship.
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