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Strandfogedgården (wreck master’s farm)
Langelinie 2, Rubjerg
9480 Løkken
(2 km south of the lighthouse)

Direct tel.: 98 96 01 60
(only when open)

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Opening times:
Please read cover page here.
Additional practical information here.
All day
Free admission
There are parking places for people with wheelchairs close to the exhibit’s entrance and close to a wheelchair-friendly path to Rubjerg Old Church.
The exhibit is accessible for users of wheelchairs.
The exhibit has a handicap toilet.
In the exhibit's café there can be bought hot and cold drinks, ice cream and cake.  The café has both an inside and an outside area.
Packed lunches and drinks can be enjoyed outside on benches.
Vendsyssel Historical Museum
Museumsgade 3
9800 Hjørring

Tel:  (+45) 96 24 10 50
e-mail: vhm(at)

The parking sign by the lighthouse has almost disappeared in the bushes.
Photo: Søren T. Nordbo
There is a large, free parking lot on the Wreck Master Farm’s ground next to the driveway on Rubjergvej.
Vendsyssel Historiske Museum · tlf. 96 24 10 50 ·
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