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- a unique location in Denmark with a rich cultural and natural history!

On this webpage you can obtain information concerning Vendsyssel Historical Museum’s newest permanent exhibit, Rubjerg Knude’s cultural and natural history, located at the Strandfogedgården (wreck master’s farm) in Rubjerg.

You can also explore the area’s unique and interesting history on the webpage’s own exhibit: The Net Exhibit.
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Come to Rubjerg and see the exhibit in the Wreck Master’s Farm with your own eyes.
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Strandfogedgården 2019:
open: 11-17
October only:
Only open from 12. Oct. to 25. Oct.
Entre: 30 kr. Children u. 18 free.
Additional practical information here.
Take up the struggle against sand drift or try a tour in the Time Machine - here are found games, films and interaktive animations.
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